Call for Papers

2021 International Conference on Fluid Dynamics, Ship and Offshore Engineering (FDSOE 2021) welcome research papers exploring the theme of "Fluid Dynamics System" with an aim to bring together researchers, designers, developers and practitioners interested in the advances and applications in the field of transportation, architecture and urban planning. The conference will address a range of critically important issues and technologies to realize smart communities of the future. Papers with new research results and new products or concepts are encouraged for submission. Topics of interest include but not limited to:


流体力学:Fluid Dynamics

船舶动力系统:Ship Dynamics System

动力机械与工程:Power Machinery Engineering

海事工程:Naval Architecture

航海技术:Marine Technology

海洋工程:Offshore Engineering

导航系统:Navigation System

海洋环境科学:Marine Environmental Science








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